Meet Niakshi. Here name means blue eyed. She is wearing a traditional wedding dress. The color red plays a vital role in the wedding festivities of the Chinese people. Red is considered by them as a bold and lucky color. In addition to this, the color signifies love, prosperity and happiness; therefore, everything is in red - wedding invitations, gift envelopes and the bride's wedding dress. It is also important that the symbol for double happiness is placed on Chinese invitations, envelopes and wedding decorations, and accessories. You need these meshes for her to show up correctly. I am giving you the page in English. You will have to look at the site in chinese( I think that's the correct language)in order to download meshes. Look around the site they have great stuff. I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed making her.


Meshes you need

costume to the southern dream by Clear Frost boy

antiquity female hair Heart Song Clear Frost Boy

Shoes Maxis

Make up is not by me I got it from tsr




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